Birdbox survey

Earlier this year we built some birdboxes to coincide with a National Trust birdbox event and then put the birdboxes up around Penshaw Wood in the hope of attracting some birds to nest in the area.

Today I was involved in carrying out a survey on those birdboxes to check whether they were being used…

Out of the 26 birdboxes that we put up, a whopping 21 of them were occupied! In total we found eighteen Blue Tit nests, two Coal Tit nests and one Great Tit nest. We also took note of the eggs we saw too (not counting those hiding under the birds we found), with a total of 94 eggs!

It was great to see the birds making use of the boxes (with an occupation rate of just over 80% the survey was much more successful than we anticipated!). It also shows there was a particular need for places to nest in the area, especially for the Blue Tit population.

I will update again in a couple of weeks when we plan to go back and check the boxes again to take note of any further progress…


Chris | National Trust

Chris | National Trust


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