The start of winter…

Today’s post is a short summary of some of the things the ranger team have been doing since the start of winter…

We were particularly busy during the latter part of 2011!

Taking out a large stretch of European Gorse at Beacon Hill, a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) on the Durham Coast kept us busy (and warm) over much of December – we spent at least 9 days cutting this out by hand (which is INCREDIBLY sharp to the touch and resulted in lots of thorn-based injuries). The gorse in this case was encroaching on a habitat of higher conservation value (Beacon Hill is made up of magnesian limestone grassland – a nationally scarce habitat which supports a rich variety of wildlife), and because it was over represented and inappropriate for its location, it was necessary to reduce its coverage.

Gorse cutting at Beacon Hill

We also continued to take out Rhododendron at Penshaw Wood throughout December…

Burning Rhododendron at Penshaw

The rangers also put up a section of stock fencing at Port Mulgrave on the Yorkshire Coast (which was very rewarding on what was a wet and blusteringly windy couple of days).

Putting in a fence post at Port Mulgrave

A nice way to finish before the Christmas break was installing a bench at Roseberry Topping dedicated to a local woman, Dorothy May Evans. A quote engraved on to the bench read ‘UNTIL THE GREAT DAY DAWNS’.

Bench with Roseberry Topping in the distance


Chris | National Trust

Chris | National Trust


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