More homes for our feathered friends!

We installed six Tree Sparrow nestbox terraces at Port Mulgrave last week.

The Tree Sparrow is a red-listed species of conservation concern, with numbers having crashed since the 1970s.

They can often be confused with the similar looking House Sparrow…

As shown above, the Tree Sparrow is most easily distinguished from the House Sparrow by its chesnut coloured cap and the prominent black spot on the side of its head. Both species breed near cultivated land or human habitation, though the Tree Sparrow, as its name suggests, can often be seen in open woodland.

Tree Sparrows are gregarious birds (highly sociable) that like to nest in company and will therefore take readily to nestboxes.

The nestbox terraces were made by some of our volunteers during a recent volunteer task. Each nestbox, made from plywood, is separated into three compartments meaning each terrace can accommodate up to three breeding pairs. So that’s eighteen possible homes for our feathered friends!

Room with a view!

We hope that the nestboxes can help towards reversing the decline of these beautiful birds.


Chris | National Trust

Chris | National Trust


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