A bit of drystone walling, a bit of stile building, and a bit of rain…

On the first Sunday of March, our Yorkshire volunteer group were in action.

Four volunteers either hadn’t checked the weather forecast or were feeling brave, and joined Gareth for some dry stone walling and stile building at Roseberry Topping.

The first job was to get all the kit we needed up the hill. We were working in one of the least accessible corners of Roseberry, so it was quite a trek with tools, fence and stile materials.


The recent warm spring weather was definitely having the day off and the rain started coming down at a steady rate. Spirits remained high though as good progress was being made with both the wall and the stile.

However, just before lunch the temperature dropped and the rain turned to snow making work conditions a bit less pleasant! Not wanting to be defeated, our hardy volunteers cracked on with the job without a break. Finally our brand new stile was finished and we could all go home to dry out and warm up.


A big thanks is due to our hardcore volunteers: Ali, Sue, John and Dave.


Gareth | National Trust

Gareth | National Trust


2 thoughts on “A bit of drystone walling, a bit of stile building, and a bit of rain…

  1. Well done guys and it’s thanks to you all that I enjoyed a lovely walk up Roseberry Topping back in February (in the snow and ice) – did you see the friendly robin along the way?

  2. Hi Elaine, Thanks for your comment. It seems there’s a friendly robin everywhere we go. One always seems to turn up and perch nearby watching us work. I like to think they’re being sociable but it’s more likely they’re waiting for us to unearth a tasty morsel for them to eat!

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