The MADD beach clean

Yesterday, the National Trust Ranger team were joined by an army of volunteers helping to clean up beaches on the Durham Coast near Seaham.

Volunteers from Northumbrian Water Ltd and Durham Wildlife Trust braved the fog and persistent rain to collect a massive 130 bags of rubbish from Blast and Hawthorn beach, on this stretch of the Durham Heritage Coast.

National Trust staff and volunteers next to the 130 bags of rubbish

National surveys suggest that there are nearly 200 items of litter for every kilometre of beach, and this litter has a huge impact on the environment. It kills wildlife, looks disgusting, is a hazard to our health and costs millions to clear up.

It was great to see people taking time out of work to help make a big difference to this part of the coastline. Clearing litter benefits everyone so it’s nice when organisations can work together as a team to achieve results.

Northumbrian Water volunteers on Blast beach

The event was organised as part of CSV Make a Difference Day (MADD) – an annual event which provides opportunities for thousands of people to volunteer in activities across the country. Events take place from 20th October- 4th November. The biggest single day of volunteering happens on Saturday 27th October (more information

A big thank you to our volunteers from National Trust, Northumbrian Water Ltd, Durham Wildlife Trust, and Durham Heritage Coast Partnership for their support!


Kate | National Trust

Kate | National Trust


3 thoughts on “The MADD beach clean

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time in a while that a large scale clean up has been done on these beaches. We hope that it won’t get that way again if we keep on top of it.
    It’s a combination of litter swept in on the tide and dropped on site.
    There are some dedicated locals who help keep the area tidy by regularly going out and picking litter, but there’s always room for more!

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