Wild weather

How are you enjoying the weather at the moment? All the recent rain is certainly making life a little difficult for the Ranger team. Not only do we have to get used to taking regular soakings as we work and coping with difficult conditions under foot, but some of the places we look after are really suffering.

Port Mulgrave on the Yorkshire Coast always seems to be one of our damper properties we look after, but at the moment it’s really wet. Water is gushing out of the land and in one place it has caused a thick slop of wet mud to wash right across the main path to the beach…

New Image2

Luckily we had a brave band of volunteers lined up to help us dig it out over the weekend!

New Image6

Also, on the beach there are huge piles of spoil as the coastal slope has slipped down towards the sea…

New Image

It’s not all bad news though. Port Mulgrave is famous for its fossils and all the new material on the beach is ideal for fossil hunters to have a search through for exciting specimens. Also, many of the plants that grow on the coastal slope need disturbed ground to colonise too, so this area could well be home to some interesting species come the spring.

A massive thanks is due to volunteers Ali, Mick and Brian who had the unenviable task of digging the path out from under a huge pile of wet earth. This would usually have been our fun festive task, but digging the path out was a bit more urgent. At least we had a good supply of tea, mince pies and Ali’s homemade cup cakes to keep us going.


Gareth | National Trust

Gareth | National Trust


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