Selective tree felling in Newton Wood

You may have seen (or heard) us working throughout November and December in Newton Wood at Roseberry Topping.


We have just finished the first stage of a three year program of selective felling, removing mature and sapling Sycamores to prevent the spread, overcrowding and out competing of our native species. This is to allow the underlying native species to grow and become established.

The most popular view is that Sycamore was introduced into Britain by the Romans as a good timber tree and has since spread and become a very common tree. It invades many woodlands as it grows so quickly and the seeds spread a great distance due to the fact that they have 20–40 mm long wings to catch the wind and rotate when they fall – this helps them to spread further from the parent tree.

Sycamore saplings out grow and have a denser crown when in leaf which shades out underlying native saplings.

We hope to eventually undertake new planting of saplings grown from seeds of native oaks collected from Newton Wood.

Unfortunately as the site is on a slope and we have no access into it by any suitable method this means the timber cannot be removed. However, this timber will eventually create vaulable deadwood habitat for a number of species.

We will be back in the winter for the following 2 years to complete the program.


Chris | National Trust


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