Blast Beach Litter Pick

Yesterday we were joined by 17 willing volunteers from Northumbrian Water for a litter pick on Blast Beach near Seaham. I’d like to thank them for their hard work and effort. Luckily it was a beautiful, warm and sunny day.

Ranger Jonny and volunteer John Parks. Unfortunately no pic with the Northumbrian Water volunteers

Ranger Jonny and volunteer John Parks. Unfortunately no pic with the Northumbrian Water volunteers

They helped us collect over 30 bags of rubbish over the day which will help make Blast Beach cleaner and safer for visitors. Also, it will make Blast Beach look beautiful to the public. Despite the rubbish it can look nice as you can see


Despite all we picked up, littering is still a bad habit and problematic and cause a wide ranges of issues such as;

  • It wastes money and time, in many places around the UK the goverment have to get in people to clean up areas which costs millions. On National Trust sites it means we have to spend time clearing litter on a regular basis.
  • It is also hazardous to your own health and others. We found many smashed bottles and sharp objects on the beach, which could be stood on by adult/child/pet animal and go into their foot.
  • It is also very harmful to birds as they could swallow small piece of plastic which can cause the birds stomach to become full of plastic. The plastic will never decompose and it will eventually fill their stomach and cause them to starve as they have no room for real food
  • Finally it makes places to become ugly and will put off people coming to visit a place which without the litter is a lovely place and it usually encourages others to litter

If you are ever out anywhere, National Trust property or not please take the litter to the nearest so that other don’t have to tidy up after you.



Gareth | National Trust

Gareth | National Trust


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