Academy Ranger: Woodland & Tractors

I have just returned from college with more knowledge and skills gained and I just want to update you on what I have been up to. At college we have been learning about woodland management and the complexities that going into creating and managing woodlands for different things such as timber production and conservation and wildlife benefits. Learning about the process of starting new woodland for any purpose was very useful to all academy rangers as woodland is something that most of us have to manage on our properties at the moment and will probably manage new or different types of woodland in our future careers. We were shown a large scale example of woodland management at Delamere Forest where after being taught about the nuances of woodland management you saw little things like woodland rides and woodland glades, that really benefit the wildlife, that maybe you wouldn’t usually on a walk through a woodland.


Efforts made to reinstate lowland heath by removing birch scrub and create a glade/clearing for wildlife


Looking across at the forest and the different conifers planted to match soils types in the area.

Furthermore, at college we were trained and assessed on Tractor driving, which was basically a new(ish) experience for us all, so we were all in the same boat. The tractors were very fun to drive and it was a very useful exercise. I can safely say we all had our issues dealing with some aspects of driving a tractor but we all got there in the end and all the Academy Rangers passed the assessment. Look out UK!!

Faith looking ready to rock ‘n’ roll as usual

Finally, we all presented presentations on common mammals such as bats, voles, badgers etc. It was very interesting to learn about mammals as I am not that well-versed when it comes to mammals. Everything so far has gone spiffingly well and I am massively chipper about being the Academy Ranger on the North Yorkshire Moors.


Leigh and Faith looking at me with suspicion


Jonny | National Trust

Jonny | National Trust


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