World Ranger Day

It is World Ranger Day this weekend (Sunday 31st July).

World Ranger Day is a day to celebrate the passion, hard work and determination of Rangers around the world.

It is also a day to commemorate rangers killed or injured in the line of duty – 107 in the last 12 months!

World Ranger Day is observed annually on the 31st of July, and is promoted by the 63 member associations of the International Ranger Federation, by their partner the Thin Green Line Foundation, and by individuals who support the work of Rangers and the IRF.

Our Rangers, Chris, Jonny & Gareth were amongst many rangers around the world to show their support.


Here’s a message from Sean Wilmore, President of the International Ranger Federation:World Ranger Day Cover Letter 2016_v2

And finally, here’s a short video which shows rangers the world over showing their pride in the amazing and vital job they do!

To see more of those who showed their support in the run up to today and for further information regarding World Ranger Day, go to the International Ranger Federation website HERE or their Facebook page HERE.

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Chris | National Trust


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