Every Day is a School Day!

Every Day is a School Day!

Hi Everyone,

My names Will and I’m the new long term volunteer ranger in the team. I’ll be doing 3 days a week for 6 months or so, with a view of going into a career in conservation.

‘Every day’s a school day!’ seems to have become my catch phrase since starting here. The reason being, conservation and countryside management are all pretty new to me. I finished Uni in the summer with a degree in Sports Science and without an idea of what I wanted to do. Eventually I realised I love wild places and the outdoors, so why not do that?

So far, it’s the diversity of jobs and tasks that I’ve enjoyed. Whether it’s maintaining the steps at Roseberry or scrub clearance on Bridestones moor, everyday there is something new to learn and experience!

Over the next few months I’ll be in charge of my own project, so I’ll be posting on here with updates on that. In the meantime have a fantastic Christmas and a happy New Year!



Will | National Trust


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