Hello there and welcome to the A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A RANGER blog – brought to you by the National Trust’s North York Moors & Yorkshire Coast Rangers.

The blog aims to give an insight into what we get up to as rangers – whether we’re getting our hands dirty maintaining our properties, carrying out vital work to protect wildlife or working with our volunteers and taking part in National Trust events. Every day as a ranger is exciting and different!

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The North York Moors & Yorkshire Coast Rangers.




One thought on “About

  1. Dear Gareth, Kate, Wayne & Chris,

    I am a 14 year old female student from St Peters Catholic College of Maths and Computing in Middlesbrough, studying ICT in my first year of my GCSE courses.

    As one of my major projects in my lesson at the end of term, I have been instructed to create a ‘Manipulated Image of the Local Area’ – (Redcar and Cleveland). This image created by me using a range of tools in Microsoft Fireworks must reflect my computer skills that I have been taught throughout the past academic year.

    Within the image, I need to choose a range of other images that represent my local area , most of which need to be from a variety of sources; which can ascend from a scanned picture from a local magazine or newspaper, personally taking my own photograph of a local landmark, to using Internet Explorer or Internet Browser to search the web to choose an image which is already in property of someone else to use in my assignment. All of these images must be uniquely combined into one, using tools on my chosen software. This overall image must challenge the interpretation of ‘The Camera Never Lies, Or Does It?!’ – a competition set by Redcar and Cleveland Council to determine what ideas children from some Primary and Secondary schools from across the area have about making a realistic image of combined landmarks from their surroundings into one image as a whole.

    When using Google Images as one of my sources, I came across a suitable image of Roseberry Topping in my area, from the website http://www.dayinthelifeofaranger,wordpress.com, which happens to be owned by you. Within this letter, I am personally asking your permission to use your image – as one of the rules in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. In my Legal Constraints Document which I will create – (also as part of my assignment), I will lawfully state where the image originated from, and will not take any credit for what is not mine.

    I would be most grateful if you agreed into letting me use your image, and am more than happy to send you an e-mail of my final product if you could send me your contact details?

    Please contact me with your reply via emai – bwaterfield-10@stpeters-sch.com

    Yours Sincerely,

    Brook Waterfield

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